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lunes, 3 de diciembre de 2012

Fasenuova en Wonderfull Wooden Reasons

El disco "Ella está llena de Gracia" de Fasenuova ha sido reseñado en la edición #49 de Wonderful Wooden Reasons.

Podéis leer la reseña aquí:

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Fasenuova – Ella Esta Llena de Garcia
(Truco Esparrago TR-010)
A look at the cover art of this album tells you instantly what you are about to get. A shadowed face lit from below by two candles that also pick out the skull centred pentagram on the figures chest. You know this is going to be ‘dark’ but is it going to be goth dark or noise dark. Within seconds of pressing play you are left in no doubt it’s the latter. High pitched squeals, crashing noise and grinding cacophonies push things along. It isn’t as full-on as I was expecting which is to their credit. They change pace and texture regularly and show a real aplomb but it is all just a little too forceful and serious for my hippy ears. It just seems to be missing the sense of fun that made noise so much, well, fun.

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