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martes, 16 de abril de 2013

Nuclear Assao y Estampido en Taratachatte (Ruchemania) y At War With False Noise

La troupe del programa Taratachatte, emitido por Ruchemania (Francia), ha incluído en su cacofónico programa varios tenmas del split 7" compartido entre Nuclear Assao y Estampido.
Puedes escuchar el programa aquí:

Además, At War With False Noise ha incluído el split 7" en su catálogo de distribución, y escrito una reseña.

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NUCLEAR ASSAO / ESTAMPIDO - Split 7" [Truco Esparrago]
Nuclear Assao: members of a millions Spanish HC/grind bands (think there's a Violent Headache guy in there) play some of the best blurr/grind/HC I've heard in ages. 26 songs in about 3 minutes, this is really brutal noisecore but there are most definitely some proper catchy hardcore riffs in there, it's not all just random blurr. Hope to hear more form these guys! Estampido are more direct hardcore and much less heavy than Nuclear Assao but still really good. They've got a more humourous take on things, kinda reminding me a bit of early New York Against The Belzebu with daft breakdowns. A great split, this comes with an insert and a poster with interviews with both bands.

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