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viernes, 1 de julio de 2016

Borealis en "dfbm #86 - Morning Raga Pt. X"

Borealis ha sido incluido en "dfbm #86 - Morning Raga Pt. X", una excelente mixtape del blog Dying For Bad Music.


  1. Charles Rumback & Ryley Walker Middle AtlasCannots 2016 discogs
  2. Voice Of The Seven Woods Track 002LIVE Amsterdam DWARS [18.12.2008] 2008 discogs
  3. Lukas Read Further Interpretations of the CoocooNeo Age 2016 web
  4. Gratton Sky SongWillow House 2016 web
  5. Jacob Sunderlin You'll Never See Another ShoreGuitar Solo Vol. 1 2014 web
  6. Abner Burnett Hindu Pickin' CowboyOld McDonald 1979 web
  7. Abraham Chapman Bully's RagNothing to Leave Behind 1978 web
  8. Dr. Ragtime Buckdancer's Choice (Sam Mcgee)Untitled 2002 web
  9. Matt Lajoie Blues for R. Franklin[CFE#10] A Knife Like A Song You Can't Whistle2015 web
  10. Anthony Pasquarosa Excerpt From The Symbol Of All ThingsLive on WFMU with Jeff Conklin, 5/9/2016 2016web
  11. Rob Carr & Bill Kahl The Great Wall Of ChinaCommunication 1 1971 discogs
  12. Blackie Cool Grandfather's ClockBack Memories From Webster-Randolph Counties, West Virginia 1984 discogs
  13. Jonathan Nankof O' the MoonLive at Charles River Variety 2016-03-11 web
  14. Harry Taussig And All, Being So, Was SoToo Late To Die Young 2016 web
  15. Nicole Ruggiero and the Spookfish Improvisation 1Improvisations 2016 web
  16. M.S. Dagley Mystery Of The GuitarMystery Of The Guitar 2011 discogs
  17. Borealis El viento fríoLoma Aerea 2016 web
  18. Pullman Bobby Solid (Bonus Track)Viewfinder 2001 discogs
  19. Carl Erdmann MajestyBizzarrophytes 1980 discogs
  20. C.Strøm Seaside StoriesSings and Plays 2016 web
  21. Jim Ohlschmidt, Paul Kowalski RagaLive 1980 discogs
  22. Jim Kennedy Theme No. 7Just Being Natural 1970 discogs
  23. Gary Salzman The Secret Forces Of Nature - Part OneThe Secret Forces Of Nature 1968 discogs
  24. William Tyler Kingdom of JonesModern Country 2016 web
  25. Matt Baldwin WeissenseePaths Of Ignition 2008 web
  26. Isasa Danza de los habitantes de La Faena IILas cosas 2015 web
  27. Stein Urheim Oh So NiceStrandebarm 2016 discogs

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