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martes, 10 de julio de 2012

Fasenuova en Memory Wave Transmission

El activo blog Memory Wave Transmission, que lleva Ryne Barber ha publicado una reseña de una de las ediciones que más han significado para Truco Espárrago, el álbum "Ella está llena de Gracia" de Fasenuova.

Aprovechamos para anunciar que esperamos poder reeditar este disco en unos meses.

Lee la reseña aquí.

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"Fasenuova are the duo of Ernesto Avelino and Roberto Lobo from Spain. Loosely translated, Ella Está Llena de Gracia means “she is full of grace”, a sentiment perhaps doubly explored in the album’s artwork and liner notes. There are eight tracks from Fasenuova on this release, plus a remix track of the self-titled track from Gkahn.

Fasenuova doesn’t quite play harsh noise; they’re focused on plodding sounds and rhythmic passes of noise as much as they are on the high-end feedback side of things. The title track is rumbly and crumbly, but there’s always a lot of space within the noise; the duo aren’t going full force with the sound, and they’re not filling every inch of every song with electronics. Instead, they allow the tracks to sprawl – for better or worse – each time.

“Ella Está Llena de Gracia” is easily the best track on this release, and so is it’s remix “(MMX)” from Gkahn. But the middle section of the CD is also quite good, filled with high-pitched sounds, some very grating textures, and even some vocal play. It’s the tracks where Fasenuova decide to let the noise sprawl, like on “Mr. Robustus or “Ella Esta Bien” (the former being a fairly long feedback track full of teeth-jarring sound) that doesn’t exactly work. Sometimes the sparseness of the sound keeps Ella Está Llena de Gracia from climaxing; there are times where it feels like Fasenuova should open up in explosion rather than keep the brooding noise bottled up.

Because of this, the album tends to feel top-heavy, often with multiple tracks being quite good with a few more after it being forgettable. That is until the end with Gkhan’s remix of “Ella Está Llena de Gracia (MMX)”, full of dark drones, chanting vocals, and creaking drum machines which is one of the more excitable tracks on the album. It’s a nice way to finish, but getting there is fraught with highs and lows, good tracks juxtaposed with filler fare".

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